Candid is always excited to meet other cloud enthusiasts and our customers; at this year’s AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas we got both! During the event, our team had the perfect opportunity to meet users and gain an even better understanding of how we can help them navigate their business in the cloud.

Our team of architects, engineers, project, and program managers help businesses with their journey to the cloud across a myriad of platforms. This extensive experience allows us to develop the best-fit technology solutions for both their immediate and long-term needs.

Candid’s Chief Architect, Aaron Bawcom and our client, Chris Lofton, SVP, Chief Architect at SunTrust, took to the demo theatre stage to present a session entitled, “Re-architecting a Consumer Banking Application for Better Scale and Reliability.” The presentation shared with attendees how we successfully re-architected a company’s software to provide massive scalability, bank-level security, fast performance, frequent deployments, and 100% uptime—it was such a hit, we had to do it twice.

During the last few years, we’ve seen an incredible shift in the amount of companies undertaking the cloud journey and we’re here to give them the tools, methodology, and best practices to help them achieve the toughest challenges they face.

At our booth, the real hype during re:Invent revolved around our Enterprise Cloud Automation Platform, Volker. Which provides best-in-class services to complement the cloud platform of any organization with strong capabilities to standardize and ensure compliance of environments in a modern DevOps organization.

AWS re:Invent never ceases to provide compelling keynotes, conversations, and sessions and this year was no different. Enterprise adoption of the cloud opportunity is only getting started and they need all the help they can get, including prescriptive advice on how to successfully navigate this limitless environment. We are excited to share how Volker compliance paired with reusable architectural patterns is prepared to be that guide.

Enterprise Digital Transformation is the leading factor in driving greater public cloud engagement and adoption. With an increasing demand for managed services, the AWS Partner Network currently has 115 certified MSP partners and their practices are only growing. The event featured keynote announcements, training, certification opportunities, access to an outstanding amount of resources, partner expos, and so much more.

Our takeaways from AWS re:Invent

We didn’t spend the entire time attending keynotes or talking about our solutions at the booth though—our key players spent their days taking part in breakout sessions and learning new and innovative ways AWS plans to propel their capabilities to the next level. A few interesting announcements that stood out to us came from news surrounding Amazon Textract, Forecast, Managed Blockchain, and Quantum Ledger Database.


AWS announced the launch of the highly anticipated, Textract which enables you to easily extract text and data from virtually any document. Currently, companies manually enter the data or use customized optical character recognition solutions to process their documents. This strategy is prone to errors and consumes valuable time and resources. Textract uses machine learning to simplify document processing by enabling fast and accurate text and data extraction so it’s possible to process millions of documents within a fraction of that time.

Candid plans to utilize this powerful tool to take the traditional data lake and restructure it into a cloud-based model that pushes large-scale data processing to the companies that need it. The Intelligent Data Lake demonstrates that you don’t need an army of technical resources to manage your data; instead, we configure a process that ingests, stores, organizes, tailors and feeds systems access data quicker and more securely than ever before.


Amazon Forecast is a pre-built machine learning tool that allows developers to generate predictions based on time-series data much easier than before. Amazon, of course, has built many prediction models based on its own needs and is now essentially selling them as a product.

With these prediction models, Candid can better serve companies through our Intelligent Data Lake by enabling large-scale data processing (hundreds of millions of records), predictable, tuned performance and cost while handling the various types of data sources (databases, flat files, batch, or stream processing) and push tailored data to clients that need it.

Essentially, we’re going to hook up some much needed indoor plumbing to the data lake, because there’s no need to go retrieve water from the lake when you can have it delivered from your sink.


Amazon Managed Blockchain

The new AWS offering is affordable for customers to create and manage secure and decentralized transaction processing that can scale to support thousands of applications running millions of transactions. These blockchain services are supported by popular blockchain frameworks like Hyperledger and Ethereum protocols. Flexibility and security are important but these services also provide a robust set of APIs for users to integrate any kind of adjustments to their ledger database as well.

Amazon Quantum Ledger Database

AWS QLDB provides a transparent and cryptographically-verifiable ledger for software that requires a central, trusted authority for thorough and permanent record transaction history, like HR, finance, insurance, and supply chain. The advent of this database is for when DynamoDB isn’t the best fit.

Candid knows that automation is the driving force behind innovative software development. Our Enterprise Cloud Automation Platform, Volker, has the ability to integrate these two tools so that managed services can be configured to maintain a scalable blockchain network with just a few clicks. Our fully fledged services will introduce companies to simple, secure, automated, and fully auditable transactions that will propel them toward the future of software development.

Final Thoughts

Throughout this year’s event, we learned how our engineers could further help our clients through value-packed conferences, workshops and discussions all focused on AWS’ releases that are expanding upon an already impressive portfolio of services.

AWS is making it easier for companies to build and manage their applications in the cloud through cost control, managing complexity, serverless, development, large-scale transition, and more data options than ever before. A major theme being to bridge the cloud gap and moving enterprises’ software to the cloud.

Our tech experts are eager to apply everything they learned at this year’s re:Invent and get the gears churning on how to make our user experience even better. We’re already looking toward next year for the opportunity to connect with and help our engineering friends by making their lives a little easier when it comes to navigating the ins and outs of AWS.